The Department of Defense’s “enterprise Military Housing” (eMH) system has, since April 2014, been the US military’s “authoritative data source” on military’s housing assets.

As noted in a recent DOD Inspector General report, “according to an eMH program official, the DoD had an ongoing effort to develop an environmental health and safety module in the eMH to track health and safety hazards” in privatized military housing, which accounts for the vast majority of housing on military installations in the US. Per the Inspector General report:

An eMH program official stated that the environmental health and safety module was updated and now provides a risk rating from housing inspections, which were based on statutes, regulations, codes, national standards, and Service-specific policies. […]

The eMH program official added that another update, scheduled for February 2022, would include search and reporting capabilities, as well as refinement of risk rating logic, and lab data for asbestos, lead paint, and radon assessments. Finally, the eMH program official stated that the environmental health and safety module would eventually be able to provide visibility of data trends and dashboards for the risk ratings at the enterprise, region, and installation levels.

Our FOIA request 📄 seeks all database records in this “environmental health and safety module.” It also seeks all records in the eMH system corresponding to inspections, housing inventory, and basic (non-personally identifiable) resident information, so that the environmental health and safety records can be put into context.

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