This request was inspired by a conversation with Nausheen Husain, a journalist and Syracuse professor who has reported on conditions in federal prisons.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)’s Administrative Remedy Program “allow[s] an inmate to seek formal review of an issue relating to any aspect of his/her own confinement.”

BOP tracks those complaints through SENTRY, the agency’s “primary mission support database” — specifically, SENTRY’s “Administrative Remedy System module,” a component of the system dedicated to tracking such complaints and their follow-up.

Information tracked through the module, also known as “Inmate Administrative Remedy Record System, JUSTICE/BOP-004,” includes:

(1) Inmate information including (a) name; (b) register number; (c) institution location; (d) current offense and sentence; (e) prior criminal record; (f) social background; (g) institution adjustment; (h) institution program data; (i) medical information; and (j) personal property data; (2) complaint information including copies of BOP-9’s (institution level complaints), BOP-10’s (Region appeals) and BOP-11’s (Central Office appeals); and (3) processing information, including dates of filing and responses.

Our FOIA request 📄 to BOP seeks all database records stored within this module, with the exception of data fields that contain personally-identifiable information, plus all relevant database documentation.

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