The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program awards grants “to selected private non-profit organizations and consumer cooperatives that will assist very low-income Veteran families residing in or transitioning to permanent housing.”

In order “[t]o ensure that Veteran families receiving supportive services under the SSVF Program are receiving quality services, the grantee must give a VA-designated satisfaction survey to each participant within 30 days of the participant’s pending exit from the grantee’s program.”

Those satisfaction surveys are considered part of an official “information collection,” approved by the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs under OMB Control Number 2900-0757. According to the VA, a contractor collects the survey data “will provide an analysis of data by grantee, along with a collated national report.” The contractor’s website also notes that its responsibilities include “[p]rovid[ing] data in an exportable format that allows the VA to share data with grantees and other stakeholders.”

Our FOIA request 📄 to the VA seeks all SSVF survey data records the contractor has provided to the agency, plus all relevant database documentation.

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