As part of its work supporting the National School Lunch Program, Commodity Supplemental Food Program, and other major nutrition food programs, the Department of Agriculture (USDA) purchases large amounts of food and food commodities. It tracks these purchases through its Web Based Supply Chain Management system (WBSCM).

“On a yearly basis, WBSCM directly supports the order, procurement, and delivery of over 6.5 billion pounds of American farm food commodities with a value in excess of $4 billion,” according to the agency.

A recent Government Accountability Office report demonstrates the public interest of WBSCM data, which the authors analyzed to assess USDA’s efficacy providing seafood to students through the National School Lunch Program.

Our FOIA request πŸ“„ to USDA seeks all database records stored within WBSCM, plus all relevant database documentation.

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